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Experiencing car derailment for no apparent reason when running long or heavy trains? Or electrical current pick-up wheels losing contact through switches and curves? Another annoying problem is with solenoid activated action cars like the 716/916 coal unloading cars, 714/914 log unloading cars. When the solenoid is activated, the tilt bed or the door oscillates rapidly throwing their loads all over the table.

These problems may be eliminated by reducing the excessive clearance between the truck and the underside of the rolling stock. Shims are installed using the rivet as an attachment to hold the shim in place. The use of this method of adjustment does not change the coupler height/geometry. It is advised both trucks be shimmed at the same time. To not do so may affect the line of pull through the two trucks. The line of pull should be as close as possible to horizontal to the tracks.

Installation: Remove the rolling stock from the track. Hold the bottom of the rolling stock and the top of the truck at eye level. The truck should be dangling/hanging on its rivet. Gripping the shim with a needle nose plier by its square tab, insert it between the top of the truck and the bottom of the rolling stock until the shim slips onto the rivet. It should be noted the truck must be able to pivot/move freely. If the truck does not move freely, remove the tape or use a thinner shim. Multiple shims may be required. Test the rolling stock to ensure the problem has been corrected. Use only enough shim to relieve the problem.

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