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Stuart Baugher has done it again. In addition to his other effective Gilbert American Flyer items: a link-to-knuckle coupler adapter, a lock for link couplers, a repair for and a “stiffener” for Pike Master couplers, he’s introduced a truck’s shim kit. It comes with 4 thickness sizes to shim the space between electrical pick-up trucks and car/tender bodies, eliminating the loose rivet “rocking” that causes derailment or loss of electrical contact. The four shim sizes gives you a combination of choices that really do stop the truck rocking. They are easily installed, stay put, and are hardly noticeable.    Rodney P

I installed one set of thick shims on a #24206 CB&O Hopper car which I removed from use some time ago as it kept derailing because of “rivet play “and it rocked back and forth.

My layout runs around my office, 7’3” off of the floor and has 27 cars which consist of Postwar A/F, current A/F by Lionel, American Models and S helper cars all pulled by a triple American models U25 locomotive set. It is really important to me that I have NO Derailments or uncoupling which was the case, often caused by my #24206 Hopper car.

After installing the shims, I gave the big trains some test runs at nearly top speed and she ran nicely. I will continue to run the train and will keep you posted as to my results.    Ted H

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