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About 20 years ago, I started running my 1948-1952 original American Flyer Post War S gauge trains. All of the rolling stock and motive power is link coupled. After acquiring some knuckle coupled rolling stock, I wanted to run the knuckle and link cars in the same train. I asked other Flyer enthusiasts how I might accomplish this. The response was to make a “cross over or combo car” by removing a link coupler from one end of a link car and replacing it with a knuckle coupler. I just couldn’t destroy one of my old link cars to create a combo car. A combo car restricts the type of train and placement in a train. For instance, running a gondola car in a train of tank cars just didn’t look right. Neither did a passenger train with a gondola in the middle!

To avoid destroying a link car, I proceeded to think through how the same thing could be accomplished in another way. My thought resulted in the development of the link to knuckle adapter.

As comments and inquiries have been received, other adapters were developed. These various adapters are described on the website and are currently available.

After I had spent a long day in my shop pouring plaster and carving proto types for an adapter, my wife asked me “Why are you doing this?” My answer was “I don’t like destroying the American Flyer Post War S gauge rolling stock as there is only a limited number left”.

Hence my motto, “Adapt It – Don’t Trash It”. This is where my passion comes from. Thank you for allowing me to help you in our effort to conserve the American Flyer Post War rolling stock and extend/enhance it’s usefulness into the future.

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