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Items included in the coupler/pull bar Conversion
     Link Coupler Side Frame removed. Items needed
to install coupler.

Coupler assembly removed, tab surfaces filed
smooth, screw installed.
       Coupler being installed on the side frame mounting

Coupler installed and adjusted on the Side Frame.        Side Frame reinstalled on tits truck ready to pull.


These adapters are made to operate with the “Early” Santa Fe Diesel PA and PB units (circa 1950-1952). These units were originally delivered with a link coupler and fiber drawbar between the PA and PB units.

There is no permanent alteration to the original Side Frame assembly, only replacing/using alternative fastening.

Fig. 1 Shows the three knuckle adapters, three 4-40 screws and nuts, and drawbar included in the “Conversion Kit”. These are necessary to convert the PA/PB units to knuckle couplers. The drawbar is included for the operator who wishes to use the drawbar instead of the knuckle couplers. If the original drawbar shoulder screws are to be used, the holes in the new drawbar will need to be slightly enlarged.

Fig. 2 Shows the Link Coupler Side Frame assembly, with its link coupler arm assembly, removed from the PB unit. The items needed to accomplish the knuckle coupler installation are a screw driver, a small flat file, the knuckle coupler, a 4-40 screw with its lock nut and a pair of needle nose pliers.

Fig. 3 Shows the link coupler arm assembly removed, the top and bottom flat mounting tab surfaces filed smooth, and the 4-40 screw has been installed and tightened against the coupler mounting tab. The 4-40 screw is to be mounted in the most forward centered hole, screwed down onto the mounting tab pointing downward. Note: It is at this point a small amount of Thread Locker or Super Glue may be placed on the screw threads, only at the screw head, to help keep the screw from loosening in the mounting tab. Be sure to read and follow all of the manufacturer’s instructions and precautions.

Fig. 4 Shows the coupler being installed on the 4-40 screw with the top of the coupler facing upward toward the mounting tab. The nut is only finger tight at this point.

Fig. 5 Shows the coupler installed on the 4-40 screw. Using the needle nose pliers, tighten the nut and set the adjustment clearance. Note: The adjustment clearance between the mounting tab and the coupler should be only enough to allow the coupler to move from side to side freely, but not up or down. After the clearance has been set, retighten the 4-40 screw to be sure it is seated tightly against the mounting tab. Readjust the clearance if necessary.

Fig. 6 Shows the Side Frame assembly, with its newly installed Knuckle Coupler, reinstalled on its truck ready to pull. The drawbar side frames use the same procedures described above.

I developed and used this item on my layout. It operates very well. If you would be interested in testing this item on your layout, please contact me at I would need your name, address and telephone number. Please specify which New Item you are interested in testing.

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