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Knuckle to Bar

Knuckle to Bar Adapter, knuckle end of car with
knuckle closed, bar end of locomotive. 
    Adapter placed on closed knuckle dropped over
the bar coupler


Knuckle to Bar adapters have been designed to work with bar coupler locomotives as they were originally designed. The bar on these locomotives should be free of all nicks, scrapes, scratches, rust, corrosion, paint and all imperfections. If you choose to polish the bar, a 600 grit (or finer) sand paper should be used.

Note: These adapters are height sensitive. This means with the adapter installed on its coupler, and with the adapter placed over the bar, the bar should barely touch the under surface of the adapter between the bar restraints.

The adapter is designed to hold the bar in place so the adapter cannot move vertically.

The bar should be parallel to the front or back casting to which it is attached.

Caution should be exercised if force is required to get the bar parallel as the casting where it fastens to the steps may break. A very light coat of oil should cover the bar. This will allow the adapter to slide more freely and keep the bar from rusting.

NOTE: Do not alter the adapter knuckle end by removing what may appear to be an imperfection.

To use the Knuckle to Bar adapter (Fig 1),

close the knuckle coupler; drop the adapter over the coupler and the bar (Fig 2).

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