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Link Coupler Latch

Latch unit with "latch hook"(white), "support
arm"(red), and coupler "pull bar hole"(violet) 
     Latch unit being installed on pull bar.
Note: Link coupler truck used for ease of illustration.

Latch unit installed on coupler (with support arm
resting on coupler).
       Being coupled with couplers at upper most height.
Note: Latch rises with coupler it rests on.

Coupled showing the latch unit is almost invisible
      Two cars coupled using black Link Coupler
Latch which is almost undetectable.

Link Coupler Latch

The “Link Coupler Latch” is designed to work with the link couplers as they were originally designed. It is installed in conjunction with two link couplers and attaches to both pull bars.

Fig.1) Shows the three features of the “Link Coupler Latch”. The “latch hook” on one end, “support arm” on the top and the coupler “pull bar hole” on the other end.

(Fig.2) Shows installation of the latch unit on one of the couplers by passing the pull bar through the hole in the latch unit.

(Fig.3) Shows the support arm resting on the top of the coupler.

(Fig. 4) Shows couplers being coupled at their upper most height. NOTE: Latch rises with the coupler it rests on.

(Fig. 5) Shows the latch unit dropped over the pull bar of the opposing coupler.

(Fig. 6) Shows two cars coupled using the black “Link Coupler Latch” which is almost undetectable.

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