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Materials needed to install the stiffener are Gel
Super Glue and an emery board 
     Coupler code: "Red" shank box, "White" coupler shank.
Stiffener code: "White" cap "Violet" Stiffener shank

Stiffener shank(Violet) down, cap(White) up,
proper orientation for installation. Dry fit stiffener
to coupler.
      Stiffener installed between coupler shanks.
Installation renders the couper nonoperable


The “Pike Master Coupler Stiffener” is installed to prevent breaking the original coupler. The stiffener is installed from the underside of the original coupler.

Fig. 1. Shows a complete Pike Master truck/coupler assembly as originally installed on a gondola car. The materials needed to install the stiffener are Gel Super Glue and an emery board.

Fig. 2. Shows the “coupler” color code: “Red” is the coupler shank box, “White” is the coupler shanks. The “stiffener” color code: “White” is the stiffener cap, “Violet” is the stiffener shank.

Fig. 3. Shows the stiffener with the shank (Violet) down and the cap (White) up. Using the emery board, rough up the inside and top surfaces of the coupler shanks and coupler shank box. This is a good time to dry fit the stiffener shank between the coupler shanks and seated against the coupler box. NOTE: Dry fitting may first be performed with the axle assembly in place. If it is found the stiffener cannot be easily installed by lifting the axle assembly, remove the axle assembly to gain full access to the coupler shank assembly.

Installation: To install the stiffener, after the dry fit process is complete, place the “gel super glue” along side of the stiffener shank on the underside of the stiffener cap on 3 sides. Place the stiffener shank between the coupler shanks making sure the stiffener shank is firmly seated against the coupler shank box. Squeeze the coupler shanks against the stiffener shank until the glue has set up. Be sure to read and follow all of the glue manufacturer’s instructions and precautions before using the super glue.

Fig. 4. Shows the completed installation. Note very little of the “red” shank box is visible. This indicates the stiffener shank is properly seated against the coupler shank box.

I developed and used this item on my layout. It operates very well. If you would be interested in testing this item on your layout, please contact me at I would need your name, address and telephone number. Please specify which New Item you are interested in testing.

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