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Coupler condition and items necessary for repair
    Coupler shank with coupler half and coupler shank
hook removed

Coupler shank and box, inside and top surfaces
roughed up and ready to glue.
      Repair coupler installed


The “Pike Master Repair Coupler” is used to repair broken or deformed Pike Master couplers. It can be used as long as the original coupler shank box and one original coupler shank are in place. The coupler repaired in this example shows how easily a broken Pike Master coupler can be repaired in a short period of time. The repair is performed with the coupler/truck remaining on the car with its axle/wheel sets in place. (The wheel sets may be removed for easier access to the “coupler” shank and shank box.) The example coupler is missing half of its coupler and one of its coupler shanks.

Fig. 1 Shows the condition of the coupler in need of repair. The items needed to accomplish the repair are Gel Super Glue, an emery board and side cutter. The clock is to illustrate the length of time to accomplish the repair.

Fig. 2. Shows the “coupler” with its coupler half and shank hook removed. The coupler is cut off behind the coupler at the notch between the shank and coupler. NOTE: Dry fit the “repair coupler” to ensure the repair coupler shank seats against the coupler box. If it does not, remove only enough of the coupler shank to get the “repair coupler” shank to seat against the coupler box. Be sure to read and follow all of the glue manufacturers instructions and precautions before using the gel super glue.

Fig. 3. Shows the “coupler” ready to install the “repair coupler”. The inside and top surfaces of the “coupler” shank and box have been roughed up using an emery board. On the underside of the “repair coupler” shank, place a small amount of gel super glue on the surface of the cap and shank that will come in contact with the “coupler” shank and box.

Fig. 4. Shows the “repair coupler” installed. The “repair coupler” must be held firmly against the “coupler” box and shank until the gel super glue sets up. The clock was stopped!

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